What a 5 year old can tell you!

September 28, 2016


5 year old resale values:

A recent report from Seaport Global Securities (SGL) sheds light on current and past asset values.


Crude Tankers:

VLCC $63.0M            down 20.2% ytd         2015 year end $80.0M

Suzi’s  $45.0M            down 25.0% ytd         2015 ye $60.0M

Afra’s  $33.0M           down 25.0% ytd         2015 ye $44.0M


Product Carriers:

LR2     $35.0M           down 27.8% ytd         2015 ye $48.5M

LR1     $34.0M            down 2.9% ytd           2015 ye $35.0M

MR      $23.0M           down 20.7% ytd         2015 ye  $29.0M

Handy $20.0M            down 20.0% ytd         2015 ye  $25.0M


Dry Bulk:

Capes   $24.0M           down 17.2% ytd         2015 ye $29.0M

Pmax   $13.8M           down 11.3% ytd         2015 ye $15.5M

Soups   $12.5M           down 10.7% ytd         2015 ye $14.0M

Handy  $8.0M             down 33.0% ytd         2015 ye $12.0M


With the exception the LR1 class (-2.9%) all assets are in double-digit declines.

Next time your thinking of buying a vessel think long and hard about risk.

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