$CPLP Capital Product Partners

September 22, 2016


$CPLP Capital Product Partners

2016-09-20    12:37 PM
A small push downwards from the previous comfort range has created a little concern for maintaining CPLP's price, but the possibility remains of some recovery to the 3.50 region.    

Previous comments on CPLP:


2016-09-12    10:41 AM

CPLP Capital Product Part 
As expected, CPLP has hung around in the general zone of 3.50 -3.75 range as previously mentioned.    
It remains to be seen how the recent weakness in medium-range tanker rates maintains this range.    


2016-07-22    3:06 PM

CPLP Capital Product Part 
At last time of writing (Jun 15),  $CPLP    
announced charter rate reductions on several vessels     
as part of the Hyundai (HMM) restructuring.    
The effect has been profound, of course and we may see a heavier consolidation of support in the    
3.15 - 3.25 area. Any further upward motion, say 4.00 or more,  could see that support pegging around 3.50 - 3.75  


2016-07-15    10:10 PM
CPLP Capital Product Part    
Observations remained unchanged as CPLP ground its way up to the 3.15 area this past week.     
This is a pretty tight range to be offering opinions on, but at least some confirmation of previous     
ideas was seen.


2016-07-09    11:21 AM
 CPLP Capital Product Part    
It would appear CPLP is building some support around the 2.80 mark, but previous rests and/or pullbacks have not borne out any reason for longer-term bullish thinkers, reflecting the market as a whole, of course. However, the climb to the 3.00 region around June could give some staying power at that price.    


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