July 9, 2018

As the Capesize Index took a surge last week (daring to poke through our upside resistance, no less), and while the Handies weakened along with the Supras, the Panamaxes took a pause.

For the next few weeks, Superior Maritime's spot (or blemish?) on the web will be tak...

July 1, 2018


The Clean Tanker Index continued to weaken in Week 26, lightly testing the bottom end of our 500 - 525 support ideas with a 493 low. At closing the index recovered slightly to 496.

The weakly bearish MACD continued into relatively strong negative values,...

June 25, 2018


In Week 25 the Clean Tanker Index continued its journey into the lower levels of our 500 - 525 support zone, closing at 506 on a relatively small 5-point range for the week.

The MACD stayed its course of weak bearishness, slowly pushing further into negat...

June 18, 2018


For Week 24 the Clean Tanker Index gapped down on the open and continued its retreat, finishing down at 513. Pushing towards the bottom of our 500 - 525 support thoughts, the index showed little inclination to pull up from its downtrend as yet.

The MACD tu...

June 11, 2018


For Week 23 the Clean Tanker Index continued its dribble downwards after nudging our 575 - 600 upside resistance target in Week 21. The index took on the look of a sideways channel in a 15-point down-slide that finished the week at 531.

The index might be...

June 3, 2018


For Week 22, the Clean Tanker Index shied away from our upside resistance thoughts around the 575 - 600 level, killing Week 21's flash in the pan. With the short Week 22's high at the 569 open, things deteriorated from there to a 540 close.

The MACD, whi...

May 27, 2018


The Clean Tanker Index in Week 21 seemed to confirm our Week 20 mutterings about the build of upward pressure. Rising from our Week 19 support ideas around the 500 mark the index closed the week up at 563, topping a near-40 point surge from the 526 open.


May 21, 2018


For Week 20 the Clean Tanker Index proved disappointing once again, continuing its downward trend and flattening out towards its 525 close.

Showing a 15-point range for the week, the downward momentum pushed the RSI down to 31.49. Further encroachment on o...

May 15, 2018


For Week 19 the Clean Tanker Index trickled downwards, but recovered very slightly to close the week at 542.

Still negatively-valued, the MACD stayed weakly bearish while the RSI once again was in the neutral zone, neither indicator offering much ...um......

May 7, 2018


For Week 18, the Clean Tanker Index stopped short, retreating from our upside resistance thoughts around 600 and taking a downward run to close at 545. Having reached no higher that 571 on the previous run-up, it may be that the index is having second...

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