March 26, 2018


For Week 12, the Clean Tanker Index showed some indecision with a relatively tight range on the week of 7 points. Hanging around just below our downside support target of 575 - 600, the index closed at 557.

The RSI strayed away from neutral territory, drop...

March 5, 2018


In Week 9, the Handysize Index displayed a strong bounce up and away from our downside support ideas around 525 - 550. 
Recovering by over 50 points, the index followed an almost-linear progression from open to a close at 586.

Now close to our upside resistanc...

February 11, 2018


For Week 6, the Handysize Index continued to test our support ideas in the 525 - 550 range, closing well into that area at 526 for the week.

In what might be a 'tell' for this recent downturn, the RSI, as we mentioned for Week 5, is well into its low zone. A s...

February 4, 2018

There has been much written lately about the re-organising of the Baltic Dry Index make-up. The Handysize input, not considered by the powers-that-be to statistically affect the Baltic as a whole, is to be dropped and the weightings adjusted between the other three cla...

January 28, 2018


Still nudging along in Week 4, deep in our previous 575 - 600 support zone, the Handysize Index seems a little weak. 
Should Week 4's weakness continue, we could be looking at somewhat lower support around 550 or so.

A possible counter to the weakness is the RS...

January 22, 2018


For Week 3, the Handysize Index continued to play hard in the midst of our theoretical 575-600 support zone.

Notice the Week 3 candlestick shape, which may hint at a possible recovery from the recent downturn; any climb
upwards though, could be tempered by so...

August 20, 2017



The handy index entered the doldrums in Week 33, with nary a wander either side of 465. Whether seasonal cargo has an effect on the handies remains to be seen, as things still look weak to neutral. (unlike its sister Supramax index, which to...

October 17, 2016

2016-10-17    10:47 AM
Scorpio Bulkers - SALT
Back in July we spoke of possible bullishness in SALT. Since then we've seen tentative, but steady, climbing of the stair case, with some heavy testing of support points. There appear...

September 24, 2016

Guggenheim Shipping ETF (SEA)

2016-09-24 5:34 PM
 We thought things were looking iffy around Sept 14th with $SEA showing a little weakness, but so far, the consolidation across some shipping sectors has translated into a steadying influence on this ETF.
The small p...

September 22, 2016

2016-09-20    12:44 PM    
DLNG seems content to build on its previous support, recovering its composure around Jul. 27th and giving us a better-than-hoped-for run past 13.50. We will plead politics and write o...

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